KWE Group Risk Management Policy

KWE Group Risk Management Basic Policy

The KWE Group strives for the long-term continuation of business and to increase its corporate value under this basic policy in order to fulfil its social responsibilities as a corporate group and to live up to the social trust placed in it by all of its stakeholders.

1) We continuously, actively, and in a unified manner manage risks that materially affect the continuation of its business and cause loss.

2) We investigate and bring to light risks, accurately recognize the material risks through analysis, and prepare and implement countermeasures for reducing the possibility of those risks being realized and countermeasures for avoiding and mitigating loss if we are.

3) If a risk actualizes, we will act responsibly as an organization, strive to quickly recover and resolve it through appropriate responses, and keep loss relating to the safety, health, and profits of related parties to a minimum.

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